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Tea Cup - Elizabeth

This a Japanese teacup and it was found in Washington state. This is small and round and  can hold about 10 ounces and is covered in floral design around the whole this tea cup weighs 5 ounces. A teacup is a similar item from today such as a plastic toy tea cup kids play with, this could be Childhood vs. Adulthood. Archaeological themes for a teacup I think would be Identity for example  if someone liked teacups and had a special relation to tea cups. Art, because it is pottery.  Cultural Technological Change, because we  now have water bottles. This also represents  Health because the pioneers and villagers drank tea when they were sick, or drank tea for dinner. Fort Vancouver villagers, pioneers, and Chiefs drink tea. The people liked to drink tea. They had a small variety of clay and glasses, and stones and paint.

Tea Cup - Elizabeth by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab