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Stoneware Jug - Edgar

This stoneware bowl or jug looks like it shattered it kinda as a rectangular shape with sharp points at the end and a cricked crack in the middle. On the right side of the crack there is a deer it looks like it's jumping on the left side. There is a tree it has details u can see some branches on the trees and some leaves. On the dear your can see the antlers the face the legs the tail and the grass under the deer. The stoneware jar is made of glass. The stoneware jug was used to put stuff in it such as food, and items. The stoneware jug might be meaningful to the owner because It might have a sentimental value. The archaeological themes that apply to the stoneware jug are Class, Technological Change, and Culture / Art.  This is Class because on the jug or bowl it shows the deer and the tree in 3D which would be more expensive back then. It would also be Technological Change because they did that by hand when they made this jar, and now in days some use machines and others still use their hands there is a little bit of Technological Change. This is Culture / Art because the dear and the tree show the designs of Art and the details of the deer and tree. 

Stoneware Jug - Edgar by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab