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Stoneware Jar - Marcelino

This artifact is a Stoneware Jar, made from, as the name says, stoneware clay, a term for clay fired at high temperatures. The stoneware jar is cylindrical in shape, with rounded curves. In color it is a light, glossy, brown with a small hint of red. The unbroken parts of the jar are very smooth. The top has a cylindrical opening into the hollow interior of the jar. It is not large, in size comparable to a mason jar, and big enough to fit in the hand like a mason jar. As seen by the wear of it it appears to be  quite old. A large shard of it is missing from one of the walls, and there are cracks throughout it as well as chips in it. Now, It may have been used for storage, but considering its size and interior cleanliness it was likely just used for decoration. Now, I believe that in archaeological themes the Stoneware jar is important in showing technological change, globalization or trade, and socio-economics and class. Technology / technological change as it being stoneware, a less used practice nowadays, shows it is from a less technological era. As for socio-economics, I say that because being found in the fort, it was likely belonging to a Gentleman of the company or higher, not a low income worker as they were not allowed stay in the fort. Finally, for globalization / trade, based on the time and place we know it came from it was likely not made by the owner but by someone else in the Fort, and then purchased by the then owner of the jar, showing that at the time they had trade systems and such.

Stoneware Jar - Marcelino by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab