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Snuff Jar - Camden

This artifact is a snuff jar, it was used during the trading, transportation and after the selling of the snuff to hold it. It is about a hands length, made of fairly thick ceramic, and has a dull green glaze all around it. There is some text on the front telling me who made it and where. Back in the 1820s, an owner of this jar would have most likely used it every single day to satisfy their tobacco addiction. There are a few archaeological themes that apply to this artifact. Health, Trade, and Childhood vs. Adulthood. Snuff made an impact on people’s health due to the addiction and it was also a large commodity for trading because of it’s high demand. Children look up at adults and see their tobacco habits, this influences their use of the substances after they grow up. Snuff was a massively used substance and that gives this artifact a real story.

Snuff Jar - Camden by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab