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Shell Fossil - Sean

The Shell Fossil is an indent fossil. This shell may be from anywhere in the world, but the silts at the very least are not Moroccan. The white marks may be chalk, suggesting it was from the European Cretaceous. However, getting it wet may have malformed the qualities of the fossil, and considering the current consistency of the markings, this is unlikely. This means the white is calcium carbonate, an organic material making up most of shells, and is used in brick mortar.

There are 4 archaeological themes that apply to this artifact: Human Effect on the Environment, Cultural Expression, Globalization and Trade, and Exploration. The Human Effect on the Environment was its removal from the environment, probably in a mine or quarry. The Cultural Expression is keeping the fossil as a piece of identity. Globalization and trade represents shipping the fossil from somewhere around the world. Exploration represents where they had to explore, in a subterranean mine to unearth a fossil.

Shell Fossil - Sean by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab