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Rosary Crucifix - Grant

This is a rosary crucifix. Comprised of metal (most likely brass), this artifact is a cross with a a figure of Jesus attached to it in symbolism of the crucifiction of christ. It is an orange-ish brass color, and is a bit corroded. The top of the crucifix has a sign, of which is inscribed. This item was found in the village of the Fort, and it was probably an item of personal value used in the 1800s. This would have been used by someone of catholic religion when praying at the rosary, in the catholic church.  When praying at the rosary, the prayer would have a necklace or string with beads on it, to keep track of the amount of times prayed, in belief that the more the person prayed, the better it was received. This artifact would hang from the necklace, as a sort of headstone to the necklace. Metalworking was widely used during the time of the fort, and it could be found in everyday homes, making a huge impact on trade and industry during the 1800s. A similar item from today would be a current day rosary crucifix. This artifact represents Technology and its change because of the type of metal it was made from, and the methods of which were used to create it. It shows cultural expression through the design and make up of the crucifix, showing artistic expression through  the piece. This piece also signifies religion because of the type of religious token it is, and its configuration. This piece is important to us to help us further understand the life of those within early America, and those within the village of the Fort.

Rosary Crucifix - Grant by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab