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Riveted Plate - Lance

This artifact is a Riveted plate. It is made out of metal. It is mainly flat, but has a rough edge, most likely handmade. The riveted plate itself is made by 4 different pieces. The overall foundation piece is the largest piece having a shape of a right triangle, but having rough and missing pieces, making it not a complete triangle. The next two pieces are straight bars of metal that were forged like a cross on the bottom of the metal triangle, sort of like an extra piece to hold the main piece of triangle like metal. The fourth metal piece is more of like a square piece to hold one of the two medal bars. The Riveted Plate would be used to hold things together, in place, or locked. I imagine it would be used to hold a chest of some sort, or door in place or locked. A Riveted Plate could be meaningful to the owner because the Riveted Plate could be holding something valuable or something very special to the owner. The Riveted Plate would be part of the Defense/Safety themes because it can protect people from danger, if there are enemies at the other side of the locked door. Or it can protect valuables.

Riveted Plate - Lance by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab