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Religious Medallion - Clark

This artifact is a Roman Catholic Medal from anywhere between 1829-1860. It is 1.5 cm in diameter or about the size of your fingernail. The medal is made of corroded brass and has it's loop missing at the top. On one side there appears to be the Virgin Mary with the inscription “Qui avons recours à vousor” or who have recourse to thee. The opposite side has a cross over a capital M. Below are two hearts and along the border, there are 10 stars. This would have been used for warding off evil, making prayers, and may have been worn by someone at the fort who was Roman Catholic. Most Roman Catholic Medals were also used for honoring saints and patrons and were a symbol of their faith and devotion. Finally, they were also used for the baptizing of a person. This particular medal was probably made at the fort. If not, it would have been a family heirloom from Europe. 

Technology / Technological Change: the artifact, being made of brass and having different symbols and figures on it in a detailed fashion can tell you the technology needed to make these detailed things on the medal as well as the technology to shape this piece in such a good circular shape. It can also tell you that they had the means and technology to find the metal that it is made of. 

Identity: The fact that this item is a Roman Catholic Medal, and medals are meant to be worn, can tell you this specific person's belief and commitment to it. 

Human Effect on the Environment: The material of the medal, brass, can tell you a bit about the effect that the humans finding the metal had on the environment; which is that they disturbed the ground enough to find the metals. 

Religion: The marks, symbols, and emblems on the two sides of the medal can tell you a little about the religion and what was significance of those symbols that the medal is from. 

Defense/Protection: Not necessarily from the artifact itself, but when you look at documents about the use of these medals, you can find out that they were often used for warding off evil and making prayers. 

Religious Medallion - Clark by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab