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Projectile Point - Josh

This artifact is a projectile point that had a rough chipped metal texture with the color of an old stone with a tiny bit of a rusted tint. The projectile point is 6.7 cm in length and 2.3 cm in width. The projectile point has a hole with a shape of a rigid oval. The shape of the base of the projectile point is in an oval shape with one side of the oval bigger in radius. The point is a small dull pointy tip that has been rounded out and chipped a tiny bit. The back of the projectile point has a chip in the shape of a tiny semi circle. I think that this was used for either hunting or self defence because projectiles are usually used as a weapon, but the fact that it was made out of metal tells you that it was probably made by the blacksmith. I think that my artifact falls under technology and technological change because projectile points and weapons that shoot projectiles have evolved with time. I also think it falls under childhood and adulthood because a child wouldn't have a projectile point it’s more for the adults. Also falling under identity and defense and protection because having a projectile point can tell you that they might have been a hunter or that they wanted to be or feel protected. Finally, I think it falls under exploration because it might point out that it was for a hunter and because it was made out of medal the blacksmith would have had to make it.   

Projectile Point - Josh by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab