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Projectile Point - Brayden

This artifact is called a projectile point, they are used on the tip of arrows and spears. It is a tinny carved piece obsidian that was mostly used for hunting. Skins of animals were very valuable back then so hunters used to trap and even kill the animals with arrows and spears. This could be meaningful to the owner because the skins that they could get could be traded in for other commodities. Categories the projectile point can fall under consist of technological change because then they would use obsidian but now most arrows are made with metal. The human effect on the environment because of how many animals were killed and skinned. The projectile point could have also been used for self defense when in the wilderness. Another category where the projectile point falls under is gender, this is because the men were the ones who would hunt for animals.

Projectile Point - Brayden by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab