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Projectile Point - Annabelle

This artifact is an Arrowhead, Hunters used it to put at the end of sticks for bows and arrows. Hunters used this for hunting. This tells me that this is fairly old because the human race had not made advancements in hunting technology yet. Arrowheads are usually used for decorations or necklaces these days. They are the same shape and same today but have evolved out of its use. Technology / Technological Change, Human Effect on the Environment, Exploration,  Cultural Contact / Trade are the themes applied to this artifact. This could be meaningful to the owner because these were used for hunting. This could be a source of food. Technology and Technological Change relate to the arrow because, the arrow is a kind of technology that was developed while they were at the fort. The Human Effect on the Environment applies because they use the arrows to hunt and animals are in the environment so they are using the arrows to kill of things in the environment. Same with exploration. You need to explore out in the wilderness to go and get food. Trade is a theme that is applied to this arrowhead because you can trade things that you catch or acquire with the arrowhead.

Projectile Point - Annabelle by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab