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Plow - Kaylee

This artifact is made out of iron, very geometric. Looks like a spear with multiple heads and a rectangular slit for placement of the attachment. 14" x 7 1/4" x  8". The plow was mainly used by farmers and their horses to prepare the soil for planting.  Therefore I know that the person who owned this artifact was most likely a farmer who was wealthy enough to own a horse, representing the “Socio-economics / Class.” The use for the plow clearly was for farming so we can see that the farmer farmed vegetables or fruit, therefore we can see the “Health / Medicine / Diet”. The Plow is as aforementioned used for making ridges in the soil to prepare the soil for planting/farming, since the farming is not made environmentally natural, it is a “Human Effect on the Environment.” I can tell it was made by a blacksmith because it is made out of metal and blacksmiths usually work with metal. The artifact is a plow almost 189 years old. Black. Worn out.