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Platter - Kiera

This artifact is a Platter. The Platter comes from the Fort Vancouver. This Platter was mostly used in the Chief Factor's House or in the Barclay Quarters. This artifact is a big Platter that has white with blue designs on the edges of the platter and the middle of it. Has cracks and is chipped around it. The Artifact has many scratches and is not straight around the edges. The platter was used for mostly food or something that was big but only the higher class in the fort used these dishes. The platter may be meaningful to the chief because it served food to his family and showed how much money he had from how nice the platter was. Socio-economics/Class fits with this artifact because of how fancy and nice it is, also the only people who used the artifact  would be the chief and whoever lived in the house with him or to visit. Globalization / Trade is another class this artifact fits in, because the platter could have traded or something that was in the set of the dishes. The last class this artifact would fit in is Exploration, because the platter most likely got shipped into the Fort.