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Pitcher - Jakob

This artifact is a Pitcher, the color of this pitcher is white, there are flowers that are colored blue all around the pitcher. The artifact is probably smooth, it is most likely made from hardened clay / pottery. It is round with a handle on the side of it, it has a large radius and depth. This was probably used to pour water to people eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it also could have been used to water plants. This could be meaningful to the owners in several ways, it could be an artifact from a relative, or it could have been a gift from a close friend or family member. Old, not used anymore, was made by an artist possibly. 

Technology / Technological Change - I chose this one because the pitcher was obviously made by humans, and the flowers imprinted it on it is art created by a human, so this was an advance in technology.

Cultural Expression / Art / Music - I chose this one because the flowers imprinted on the pitcher is art.