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Mouth Harp - Jessica

The mouth harp is a very small object made of cast brass. It has tapering prongs from a oval “eye”, but the iron spring is missing. One of the prongs has a white label with black writing on it. The mouth harp can be found around fort Vancouver as it was a commonly used item.
The mouth harp was commonly used for entertainment purposes as it was a musical instrument. The mouth harp was made in the blacksmith's shop as it was made of metals. There are four archaeological themes that the mouth harp fits in Technology, Music, Trade, and Identity. Technology or Technology Change is one of the archaeological themes because ,the mouth harp is very small and as mentioned before has an oval shaped “eye”, but more modern mouth harps are a bit bigger and have a half circle shaped “eye”. The artifact also fits into music as it was a musical instrument. It is in trade as it was a trade good for the citizens at the HBC, and finally goes it into identity because it was most of the time engraved with the owner’s name and initials.

Mouth Harp - Jessica by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab