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Lead Seal - Tyshonna

This artifact is a lead seal, this item is a tiny bottle cap looking item. It is made of meat; and it looks like it can be placed on a necklace for decoration. Lead seals were used to seal envelopes, they were dipped in hot wax then stamped down onto the envelope to close it. This item can be very meaningful, it depends on what you have on it. Let’s say you have a picture of something that represents your culture, religion, or something from your past that can be very meaningful and when you stamp it it will remind you of whatever you decided to have engraved onto the seal lead. For the archaeological themes I chose were Identity and Cultural Expression. I chose Identity because whatever you have engraved into the seal lead can trace back to who you are, and I chose Cultural Expression because whatever you have engraved onto the seal lead can do with your culture.