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Knife - Ethan

This artifact is a Knife, what the users are looking at a knife that was used for trappers or for eating to we don’t quite know what it was used for. It could be meaningful to the owner by it could be his knife that he got from his father when he was learning how to become a trapper. The knife could of been something that he always ate with when he or she was young. The knife could of been used to skin animals or they could be used for eating, and cutting up food. The Physical description of the artifact is a wooden handle with a nice design on it the blade was snapped close to the handle the blade was black from not a lot of activity. The archaeological themes are technological change over time is that the knives now a days can come in pocket knives, and fixed plus the handles are a lot different from the handles then now they can be in a lot of different things then it was mostly wood.  Childhood vs. Adulthood it is this because children don’t carry around knives. That is what I think the knife was used for at the fort.