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Key - Owen

The key is from Fort Vancouver 1800’s made by the blacksmiths there. The key may have been used for defense or protection from thievery or other dangers from back then. The key is made of metal in relatively good condition though it has a bit of rust, it's about 5 inches long. On one end the key has a large ring that's about an inch long, on the inside rim of the ring there is some white stuff which might be paint, which leads one to believe that it might have originally been painted white, the rest of the key is a metal rod 1.5 inches long, in the center of the rod there is a band .2 inches thick. Near the end of the rod on the side there are two flat pieces of metal with ridges on it. The lock and key where probably expensive so few people could have bought this, so the key shows that it might have been that only people of an upper class could have bought one, in addition the key also shows that the key technology has changed from metal rods with rings, and flat metal pieces to a piece of flat shaped metal.

Key - Owen by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab