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Key - Jonah

This artifact is an old skeleton key. This key is made of cast iron, and is pretty old and rusty. Keys are typically used to get access to valuable objects that you don’t want stolen, so it was probably a house key, key to a store or storage facility, or safe. This was valuable to the owner because if it was lost or stolen then they would have to get a new key, which would be expensive, and probably a new lock on the safe or building to which it belongs because otherwise the new owner of the key would have access to whatever the key was for. The archaeological themes for the object are Technology, childhood vs. adulthood, Defense / Protection and  Socio-economics/ Class. Technology because modern keys are very different from this old key. This is childhood vs. adulthood because considering how much harder a key would have been to make back they would probably be pretty expensive, and therefore guarding something valuable which children probably wouldn’t need access to. Defense / Protection because keys are a way of unlocking things to get into protected areas or protected things. Socio-economics/ Class because a heavy duty cast-iron, hand crafted key would be pretty expensive and therefore not everyone could afford it or have enough money spare for one.

Key - Jonah by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab