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Ginger Jar - Sage

This artifact is a Chinese Ginger Jar. It is a fairly large bulbous shape jar made from porcelain. It is 6 and ¾ inches tall and has a diameter of 5 and ½ inches. It is white and has a Chinese seascape painted on it in a dark blue. The Jar has been broken prior and put back together after it was found in a trash pit during an exhibition. The jar was probably used by cooks in the kitchen to store ginger, or as a decorative piece. This item is from china and shows cultural expression through showing the art and culture from china at the time it was made. It shows health and diet by showing that they ate spiced foods. It also shows class by proving that the people using it had enough money to have spices added to their meals. Lastly it shows trade because it was originally from china and was either brought by immigrants and traded into the fort or was shipped over and bought.

Ginger Jar - Sage by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab