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French Gun Flint - Kevin

This artifact is  a french gunflint from the Fort Vancouver. As you can see this rock has a light brown yellow color and has a square base and a curved top. Like most gunflints this was used in guns to light the black powder in guns that would sent the bullet flying. When the trigger is pulled the flint would crash down into the gun creating sparks that would set of the powder. This could have been meaningful to the owner in many ways, it could be a gift, a valued possession, or it was most likely just the flint on the gun that the owner had. Judging by the size and shape of the flint we can determine that it is french, and not english. This means that the owner must have been french or had acquired his gun or flint from a french settler. On the topic of archaeological themes, this artifact show technology, childhood and adulthood, and defense/protection. The artifact shows technology because they had the technology to know about and create the guns and flint that were used. It also shows childhood vs. adulthood because a child would have no practical need for a gunflint because they wouldn’t have a gun. As for defense and protection, other than hunting guns were primarily used for defense and protection from others or wild beast.

French Gun Flint - Kevin by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab