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Fish Vertebrae - Jazmin

This artifact is a fishbone. It is about an inch in length and is a metallic brown and rusty color. It looks like a small cylinder with two thin and slightly curved spikes on the right and left side. From the top view you can see the cylinder shape sort of indent in the middle, it was possible it was carved. The fish bones were used by the Native Americans to make decorations after they were eaten. The archaeological themes that apply to the fish vertebrae are Health/Medicine/Diet and Cultural Expression. Health and Diet because the fish were eaten and if they didn’t have any use for them, they were put in compost to grow vegetables. It also belongs to the Cultural Expression category because of how they could also be used as decorations. Or it could just be dinner scraps that were thrown in the trash.

Fish Vertabrae - Jazmin by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab