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Fish Hook - Satkirat

This artifact is a Fishing Hook. It looks rusted, weighs a few ounces and about the size of my palm. It has a shiny blackish grey color and it looks like it was about to break into tiny pieces of ash, so the condition was okay and bad. This artifact was probably around from when the fort was built so that means it came from Fort Vancouver. This artifact was probably made in the blacksmith shop where metals such as steel and iron were melted and made into things like nails, fishhooks, and traps. Fishermen or villagers would have used a fishing hook to go fishing and get fish to eat. This item is similar to a Fishing Hook from today. What this artifact can tell me that I might not learn anywhere else is probably the differences between how a old fishing hook looks compared to a new one. To learn/understand more about the object our teacher gave us a document called FVvr Artifact Catalog Info so we can have more information on our artifacts. This artifact has to do with technology change because it can show the difference between now and then. It has a human effect on the environment because is using metal to make it. It has to do with childhood versus adulthood because an adult would go fishing more than a child. This artifact has to do with exploration because you can go exploring and if you have a fishing hook you can go fishing for food.

Fish Hook - Satkirat by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab