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Drug Bottle - Chris

This artifact is a Drug Bottle. The bottle is made out of glass, the color is clear blue, The shape is a tall cylinder, the weight is kind of heavy and the bottle is old. The bottle was only used for doctors and was used for medicine, because we don’t think it was used for anything else. This is incredible to find an artifact that is use for medicine. I think the doctors made it for medicine. What’s the difference between the drugs from the past to the present. The difference is they had drugs for medicine and what is similar is that we have drug pills and liquid. What i think for Health / Medicine / Diet is because we know that the drug bottle is use for medicine. I also think Globalization / Trade because they could trade beaver skins or other things for the medicine. It could also be Education because doctors can learn how to use the drug bottle and if the people want to be doctors they can learn how to use the drug bottle and more materials.

Drug Bottle - Chris by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab