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Drawer Pull - Jance

This is a 4.25 cm X 3.5 cm X 0.75 cm brass door pull that has a rusted hinge. It’s color is a mix of bronze, gold, and black, with a handle shaped similar to a crescent, but a bit more artistic. The handle has a small crack running the short way around the underside. The place it would be attached to a door or drawer is heavily rusted in a roughly circular shape. The handle is big enough to fit about 2-3 fingers through. It weighs a little bit less than an iPhone 6s. It was from Fort Vancouver, around the mid-1800s. It was likely used by wealthier people, as it is made of brass. A door pull, if you don’t know, is used to open a door. We know that the people that made and used it had access to brass, and had the technology to forge it. These are still used today, but not quite as frequently. For more information you can read about this, among other things from Fort Vancouver, on the National Parks Service website, or in one of their books on the fort.