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Dragon Sideplate - Zev

This artifact is a Weapon, It looks like a dragon, it has green rust and scales. The main color is a light brown. There are 3 holes. one after the head as it turns back to the body, one is a loop from the tail. This tail makes the largest hole. The last hole is intended to be a talon. It was used to show class and wealth. Most people couldn’t afford accessories on guns. This was meaningful to the owner because it was handmade. My Artifact has many archaeological themes, Defense / Protection because it was mounted to the side of a gun. Socio-economics / Class because not everyone could afford accessories on guns. Globalization / Trade because the Asian dragon design was given to the blacksmith at Fort Vancouver. Cultural Expression / Art / Music because this was a very artsy artifact. 

Dragon Sideplate - Zev by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab