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Dime - Adrian

This artifact is a dime, The dime is made of silver because 1809-1837 is when they mainly used silver to make coins. The dime is a lot smaller than a normal sized dime would be today. The dime was used for purchasing things like how we would today. In the Fort this artifact was probably earned by workers in the Fort. This artifact or dime was most likely meaningful to the owner so the owner can get new clothes or needs. A few archaeological themes that fit under this artifact could be Socio-economics, and Globalization or Trade but it is mainly a monetary system. It wouldn’t necessarily be trade but still fits under that topic because you don’t bargain or trade with it you just buy things with it. This artifact could fit under identity because this could have meant the person who owned it wore the dime as a clothing item. Dimes at that time were used as a decoration and a clothing item but then mainly used to buy things.

Dime - Adrian by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab