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Dessert Plate - Porter

My Artifact is a Dessert Plate. The Dessert Plate is from Fort Vancouver, in the 1800’s. I think that the people in the Chief Factor's House used it because only the people in the Chief Factor’s house used the fancy dinner/dessert ware that came from England. It tells me that the people eat dessert, and used plates from england, and that they had fancy technology. Compared to today, the Dessert Plate is similar to a paper plate. This artifact is a Dessert Plate, and It was made from Ceramic. It is round, green and white, smooth, 10 lb, over 50 years old, decent condition. It was used to hold Dessert. It could be meaningful to the owner because it was used to hold the dessert that was served after the owner ate the main course. I think the Dessert plate falls under the categories Globalization/Trade and Cultural Expression / Art / Music. I picked Globalization/Trade because the artifact was from England, and Cultural Expression / Art / Music because it has a design on top of the plate.

Dessert Plate - Porter by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab