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Cup - Jayden

My artifact is a cup that looks like it was made from glass, porcelain, and dye. The cup is white with a red floral like decal around the entire cup. The cup looks like it was made to hold someone's coffee or tea. My object is from the fur trade store, and it is from 1829 - 1860 and was found by Fort Vancouver archaeologists in 1947. I think that the working class people as well as people who lived in the fort used it, because it’s a cup, and cups usually hold drinks such as coffee or tea. I think that this cup was used to hold liquids such as coffee, tea, or water. My artifact tells me that the working class people of the Fort didn’t drink out of cups that were as expensive as the people living in the Chief Factor’s house. My artifact tells me that there wasn't much technology at the time the cup was made, because it was made out of glass and you don't need much technology to make glass you just have to know how to use the glass to make stuff. Since then the technology hasn't changed much when you make glass cups except nowadays we have robots and computers that handle the glass for us so we don't have to as much manual labor as people in the fort had to. I think it’s Health / Diet because what they drank could affect their diet. Next, I think that it’s Class because the cup was very fancy so it showed that the people liked to use stuff that looked nice.

Cup - Jayden by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab