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Chamber Pot - Oliver

This is the “Chamber Pot” it is a ceramic pot that was used before the toilet and its use is basically the same instead of flushing it down, they throw out the waste in the garbage pile. This chamber pot was most likely made in England where they made Chinese style pottery and whatnot. The Art on this pot shows that the user was probably either one of the gentlemen of the fort or Dr. John McLoughlin. (Who was the Chief Factor) There are many similar items today such as just ceramic pots and mugs but the use is a lot different. many countries now have toilets so this artifact is rarely used in present times. The owners wouldn’t have found that the chamber pot is meaningful as it’s for their waste, normally they would have a structure next to their bed which was a chair with a hole in it… I know the location isn’t the greatest that’s why there are specific rooms for this now.

The archaeological themes are Health, Diet, & Medicine because you could see what people ate or their health through their waste, also Human Effect on the Environment as they constantly threw it in the trash. It has art on the sides of it which make it less disgusting and that is Cultural Expression, Art, and Music. It was created in England and loaded as cargo onto a trade ship, which, is Trade and Globalization.

Chamber Pot - Oliver by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab