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Chamber Pot - Dylan

This artifact is a Chamber Pot, a bowl-shaped pot used for using the restroom so that you would not have to go to the outhouse during the cold of the night. It is made of white ceramics, around 8-9 inches in diameter, encircled with blue designs, weighs around 5 pounds, and is covered in cracks. It could be meaningful to the owner because it had intricate designs and was probably costly. The archæological themes that apply to this artifact are technology, because it shows the technological progress, health, medicine, and diet because they show the hygiene of the time, human effect on the environment because it shows what humans did at the time to dispose of their waste, and socio-economics and class because the blue designs show that it is for those in the upper-class.

Chamber Pot - Dylan by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab