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Canton Ware - Carlos

My artifact is called a Canton Ware Pot. It is made of porcelain and has designs or a  patterns on every side it is a little smaller than the average pot the meaning of Canton Ware is quality of decoration on the pot and it will impact the value. I think it is Cultural Art because it has designs on the side of it and all over it that signify art it was a Canton Ware pot it was used for flowers and or plants  and the designs on the pot and it was sent to Canton for painting are unique because they were made a long time ago and they traded it for something because it is originally from China and since it came  from China the designs on it could mean something to the Chinese culture and also can be considered Diet because they could have planted herbs or plants that they eat or use to make their meals.

Canton Ware - Carlos by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab