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Bone Ladle - Charlotte

The bone ladle is smooth and has a deep narrow spoon. It has a bowed handle and the opposite edges have ridges. It is a tannish brown color. Ladles like this were used by the Iroquois which was one of the Native American groups that came to Fort Vancouver. The ladles was also used as a unit of measurement. The archaeological themes of the bone ladle are cultural expression, diet, and cultural contact. The bone ladle shows cultural expression by the fact that it was spiritual. They were used to mix spiritual food during festivals. It shows diet because the ladles were also used for food so we know that they ate things that could be scooped up. And it shows cultural contact by the fact that the ladle was found in Fort Vancouver, it shows that the Iroquois Natives were at the fort. The bone ladle was used in the fort and in the village.

Bone Ladle - Charlotte by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab