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Bird Whistle - Ellie

This artifact is a bird bone whistle, it is about three inches long and a brownish color. It is round and has two holes on the side. It also has a hole on the top and bottom. It has a strip of white paint and some small numbers on the side of it. You can definitely tell it is very fragile from being old and made of bone. It is starting to decay but in otherwise good condition. It was from the Native Americans somewhere between 1830 - 1870. I believe that the whistle was used as a form of communication between the Natives. This whistle could be a prized possession to the maker or owner of this whistle because it is very delicate and took time to make. Finally this artifact applies to three archaeological themes. Exploration, Technology / Technological Change, and Globalization / Trade. It fits in exploration because the Native Americans explored a lot and the whistle could have been used to keep track of each other from long distances.  Technology / Technological change applies to it because it shows us how technology changed because they had to make a whistle out of bird bone, where now days the whistles are all made or plastic or metal. Finally, it fits into Globalization / Trade because it shows trade because this artifact ended up at Fort Vancouver so it could have been used as a trading item. 

Bird Whistle - Ellie by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab