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Axe Head - Hudson

This artifact is an axe head. It is metal and decently big but not too big. It was probably used for chopping down trees to get fire wood or wood to make a house or just materials also it could be used to chop up meat like cow meat. It could be meaningful because what if that axe was passed down from generation to generation and that is how it could have been really meaningful to someone. A axe is is human effect on the environment because when you chop down a tree it can be effective to animals air and all the thing that the tree could do. You could also kill a animal with that and that affects the environment by the animal production. It Could be used for really good protection because if someone was fighting you and you have an axe you could protect yourself really good. The axe is also technology change because our axe are now pretty much chainsaws and we still have axes but back then that is pretty good for material and other stuff.

Axe Head - Hudson by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab