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Argillite Bowl - Logan

This artifact is an Argillite Bowl Shard, the shape of the bowl was a bowl with feet and head, but now it is a shard of the side. The color of the bowl is Dark Gray / Black the texture of the bowl looks rough but is actually smooth. The dimensions of the bowl are 1.) Height = 1 Cm, 2.) Long = 7 Cm, and Depth = 3 Cm. The age of the bowl made around the 1830’s. The condition of the bowl is a shard of a full Argillite bowl.  But since it is now broken it shows that it wasn't taken great care of. This was made by Haida carvers. This was probably from the 1830’s as I said. Native Americans usually used them, but others also got their hands on some. It was used for trade by the Native Americans and others. The Argillite bowl shows that the people who used it liked decorations and beautiful sculptures and trading. It tells me that the technology back then was old fashioned but still useful enough to be able to make amazing decorations. The themes that are used are, Technology / Technological Change, Cultural Expression / Art / Music, and Globalization / Trade. These are the reasons I chose them, Technology / Technological Change: It shows that back than the tools that they used are sufficient enough to create beautiful art by hand. But now we can do that easier and faster now. Exploration: It shows that people explored to find the argillite that is used to create the bowl. Cultural Expression / Art / Music: It has designs and decorations on it. Globalization / Trade: this was traded to and from, and started from Native Americans

Good To Know Facts:

      Argillite can only shaped and craved when it is wet.

      The Argillite that was used to make the shard is from the island of Haida Gwaii also known as Queen Charlotte Islands of Canada

Argillite Bowl - Logan by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab