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Liquor Bottle - Laurel

This liquor bottle from the 1800’s Fort Vancouver. It's a very standard shape almost like our bottles today, it is large round and big at the bottom and then it starts to get longer and thinner towards the top. Under the bottle at the bottom there in a small indent. Then at the very top there is a screw shaped area where a cap could screw on.The entire bottle has a very interesting color, is blackish brownish and shiny.  The bottle was used to hold liquor and other liquids, also maybe storing stuff.This bottle has very thick glass and is very strong. It is a lot stronger than our bottles today. Some archeological themes that the bottle may fit into Technology / Technological Change because it is a lot stronger then today, Childhood vs. Adulthood because most of the time kids would not drink liquor,  Health / Medicine / Diet because liquor is not the best thing for your body, and finally Socio-economics / Class because most of the time only the wealthy would drink liquor.

Liquor Bottle - Laurel by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab