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Beaded Necklace - Payton

This artifact is a string of beads that consists of two main parts, the beads, and the string. The beads are made of glass, and the string of fabric-like material. The beads are many different shades of blue, ranging from light to dark, and the ends of the string are tied together so the beads won’t fall off. My artifact was from the fur store, and was used in the 1800’s. This artifact would have been used by both men and women. The beads were used for decoration, and trade (currency). This tells me that the people who made and used it, used it as means of fashion. The beads tell me that at that time, technology wasn’t as advanced as present day. The string of beads are related to jewelry from present day. I learned from this artifact that even in the past, people still had senses of style. We have been provided a master list to find out where it was from, and look at some different styles of beads listed to get a good idea of the other types of beads and to understand more of my artifact. This artifact was considered Cultural Expression, because new types of beads were introduced from the natives. This artifact was considered Trade, because people used the beads to trade for other items in the fur store. This artifact was considered Identity, because certain people liked certain designs on different types of beads.

Beaded Necklace - Payton by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab