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Axe Head - Chris

The axe head was a tool used in old Fort Vancouver between 1825 - 1866. The axe head is a sharp tool, with a hole on one side to hold the axe head on the axe handle. It is grayish black, and it weighs around 5-10 pounds. No parts on the axe head can move, and there is nothing written on it. It is made out of Wrought Iron. The axe head archaeological themes are Childhood and Adulthood, and Technology change. I think it are those because the Technology back in the day were just using Axes and Saws to cut down trees. Chainsaws were not invented until much later in the future. I also think it is Childhood vs adulthood because a kid would not be using an axe, but an adult would be. 

This axe head was discovered in the site of old Fort Vancouver, and is around 175 years old. Villagers  were probably the people who used the axe head the most, as this axe head is a little bit smaller than a large axe head used by Lumberjacks. Axe heads were apart of axes, and axes were used (and still are used) to cut down trees. The axe head was made by a Blacksmith. Blacksmiths made tools and weapons needed by the people of Fort Vancouver, and they made their tools by taking some metal, and heating it up to around 1000-2000 degrees fahrenheit. From there, they then pounded the metal into the tool needed using an anvil and a hammer.


Axe Head - Chris Mc by iTechFVvr on Sketchfab