Research Papers

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Columns in the Illinois Music Educator

The Hard Work of Creativity, 2011, Fall.
Communication in the 21st century. 2010, Winter, 18–19.
More than a metaphor: Music is a 21st century skill. 2010, Fall, 17.   
The arts make the difference. 2010, Spring, 17 – 18.
Ten reasons why music is a sound investment: A pragmatic rationale. 2009, Winter, 16.
Models, mentors and getting from here to there. 2009, Fall.
We are the music makers: An ode to resilience. 2009, Spring, 17 – 18.
Teaching music in Illinois – 2005: A summary of the results of a survey of the teachers of Illinois. 2007, Fall, 80 – 83.
Bringing music to life: Practicing the daily habit of musical expressivity. 2006, Winter, 58 – 59.
Music for life: How do we prepare future music teachers to prepare future adults for meaningful lifelong experiences in music? 2006, Fall, 59 - 60.
“Stand and think tall: 93% of communication is non-verbal” and other convention highlights from the higher education division. 2006. Spring, 58 - 59.
Teaching music in Illinois: An overview of the results. 2005, Winter, 59 - 61.
Aligning standards with a vision of artistic excellence.  2005, Fall, 59 - 60.
Teaching music in Illinois:  Building a data-based approach to advocacy.  2005, Spring, 45 - 47.
Music teachers in Illinois:  How diverse are we? 2004, Winter, 53-54.
What a difference ten minutes make:  Diversity in the thinking of musicians about making music expressive.  2004, Fall, 53-55.
Is creativity the missing link in our advocacy efforts? 2004, Spring, 46 – 47.
What is the “it” of musical advocacy?  2003, Winter, 55-56.
Taking the long view on music advocacy.  2003, Fall, 55-56.
Using technology in the practice room and applied studio. 2003, Spring, 42-43.
Bridging schooling and other sources of music learning:  Meta skills for music teachers. 2002, Winter.  
Music education and happiness. 2002, Fall, 54-55.
Digitization and diversity.  2002, Spring, 39 – 40.  Reprinted in  Spotlight on Technology in the Music Classroom. (2003) Reston, Virginia:  MENC:  The National Association for Music Education, 112 – 14.
Thank you, Bennett Reimer. 2001, Winter, 46 – 47.
What is the Society for Research in Music Education? 2001, Fall, 64.
K-12 and higher education faculty:  Meeting challenges unique to our time and place. 2001, Fall, 52 – 53.
The Illinois Professional Teaching Standards. 2001, Spring, 35 – 37.
Summary of posters presented at the Illinois Music Educators Association, February 1, 1997 (editor).  Spring, 48 - 51.
Review of research posters presented at the annual convention of the Illinois Music Educators Association, 1996, Winter, 55-56.