Roseanne K Rosenthal

Teaching Philosophy

  1. All people deserve to be treated with unconditional dignity and respect.
  2. Learners need to function in the same way that professionals in the field function.
  3. People learn best when they are actively engaged in constructing their own learning. This means:
    • Asking questions, seeking essential questions about that which is being learned.
    • Structuring, refining and monitoring personal goals.
    • Developing fluid skill through repeated practice.
    • Talking, writing, performing, and presenting new information and relating it to previously learned knowledge and skill.
    • Collaborating with others who are honestly engaged in the learning process.
  4. Students are active decision makers in determining how much they want to learn and how they will apply it to their own lives and work.
  5. My role is to structure an environment that optimizes these processes.


Roseanne K. Rosenthal is president emeritus and professor of music education at VanderCook College of Music.  She received the Bachelor of Music degree from SUNY Fredonia, and Master of Science and Doctor of Education degrees from Syracuse University under the direction of Dr. Cornelia Yarbrough. She currently teaches coursework in methods of music teaching, research, technology and education psychology; supervises student teachers; and coordinates  graduate masters projects. She was president of VanderCook College from 1989 - 2004. She is now president of the Illinois Music Educators Association and on the editorial board of the Journal of Research in Music Education and the newly established Reviews of Research in Human Learning and Music. She has published and presented research articles pertaining to music teacher education and music learning and has served as chair of the NAfME Music Education Research Council.  She is a current participant in the Motor Learning Research Forum. She taught instrumental and general music in upstate New York. She is a former member of her local school board (HInsdale-Clarendon Hills CCSD181) and is a current member of the Ada S. McKinley Community Services Board of Directors.

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