Introduction to Graduate Study
Methods of Teaching I
History and Philosophy of Education (designed for music education majors)
Music Technology I and II
Education Psychology (designed for music education majors)
Student teacher observation (instrumental, general, choral, K - 12)
MMEd Project Coordinator and Advisor


Experimental Research in Music Education
Conducting Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Research in Music Education
Surveys, Tests, Experiments: A Survival Course
Instructional Design:  Integrating Arts and Technology
Music and Special Education
Rehearsal Techniques and Laboratory Band
Student Teacher Seminar
Organization and Administration (team taught)
Methods of Teaching Middle School General Music
Methods of Teaching Elementary General Music
Conducting I
Elementary General Music Methods
Band and instrumental lessons (grades 4 - 12)
Choral and general music (K-12)
Private applied lessons (clarinet and beginning piano)