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Portfolio Basics

At the upper right corner of the page are the buttons for:

- Editing

- Sharing

- Creating new pages

- An image below offers a look at the options under the "more" button...

This is the layout of the site page:

- School Logo

- Site Title

- Navigation Bar

After selecting the "edit" button, this formatting bar will pop up... 

After selecting the "more" button this menu will appear. It allows you to make all sorts of edits including:

- Change Page Options

- Preview as the Viewer

- Site Options/Managing Site Items and Layout

By selecting "Page Settings," the developer can alter what types of options show up on their page:

- Comment Boxes

- Attachment Options

- Page Title

- Links to Sub-pages

If multiple sections have been created on the menu bar, the page can be added to the left menu by checking under which heading the page should appear...