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E-mail Links to Advisors

In general, advisors can be reached via their VanderCook e-mail account which is always set up as
First name initialLast  In a few instances a secondary e-mail account is listed that you can try if the VCM account is not working. If you have any problems reaching an advisor, contact
Thank you.
Mr. Michael Becker

Dr. Bonnie Campbell

Ms. Kaye Clements

Mr. David Eccles

Dr. Julie Goldberg

Dr. Michael Hall

Mr. Brian Kabat

Ms. Clarmarie Keenan

Mr. Anthony "Tony" Kidonakis

Mr. Ron Korbitz

Ms. Cynthia Krause

Ms. Mary Ann Krupa

Ms. Stacey Larson

Mr. Kevin Lepper

Mr. Joseph Martorano

Ms. Angela Presutti
Ms. Ruth Rhodes

Ms. Monica "Nikki" Rinderer

Dr. Roseanne Rosenthal

Dr. Leah Schuman

Dr. Robert Sinclair

Mr. Ken Snoeck

Ms. Wendy Wiegers