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Inserting Images

There are three things to keep in mind when you want to insert an image into your Site. First, the image needs to be relatively small in terms of the computer space it occupies. Second, it needs to be small in the sense that its measurements need to fit within the screens of different computers and digital devices. Third, it needs to retain its clarity. Finding the ideal size is a compromise between appearance, clarity, and resolution.

The tips that follow are created with Macintosh users in mind. They can be performed using any of the computers in the VCM Computer Lab. Similar actions can be carried out in other programs. You can also convert PDFs to images in either Preview or within iPhoto.

iPhoto Pictures

> Select your image

> Export

> PNG (saving as a PNG automatically preserves clarity. You may want to save photos as JPEG files.)

> give the image a title

> Find the image and click it open. It should open in Preview. If not, close the image, locate Preview and open the image from within. Preview contains a set of simple yet efficient tools for cropping and resizing the image.

> Tools

> Adjust Size

> select a size, preferably no more than 2 – 3.5”. Be sure that the sizing remains proportional.

> save changes.

Open your Portfolio

Locate the page and place where you want to insert the image

> Insert

> Image

> Browse, find and select your image

> nsert

> Select location, size (be careful –you cannot depend on this resizing option to hold true from one device to another)

> Turn on Wrap Text if you would like text to print around the image.

That’s it!