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Inserting Audio

Inserting Audio into a Google site is problematic because you can only attach a sound file to a site, not embed it in such a way that it plays on demand. This is vexing for musicians since audio samples often function as important work samples.  If you attach an excerpt, users need to wait while iTunes or equivalent player opens, sometimes load the file, and then deal with it within their library or on their desktop. It takes time, causes clutter, discourages listening and presents a constant, possibly annoying memory of the person who caused this to happen!

A better solution is to turn a music excerpt into a video, upload it to YouTube, and embed the video into a site. This has two advantages: It plays on demand and a picture or descriptive text or both can be added to facilitate listening. You can do more as you become more creative and comfortable creating movies.

The important point is that the sound must be converted to a video format and uploaded to YouTube before embedding. Here’s one way to do this:

Use Keynote
> Open a Keynote template
> Add a title or graphic or both
> Add your sound
  • Drag and drop
  • Media > select your excerpt

> Use the Inspector to select play features
> Share
> Export
> select format

Open YouTube
> Create an account if you do not have one (you will also need a non-VanderCook Google account)
> Upload your video
> Copy the URL

Within your portfolio
> select the page where you want to add the audio/video
> Edit
> select location
> Insert
> Video
> YouTube
> enter the URL for your video and wait
> select preferences
> Save