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Portfolio Tips

Creating an Electronic Portfolio


Start with your VCM e-mail account

> Sites

> Create New Site

> Browse the gallery for more

> VCM Professional Portfolio

> Select

> Name your Site

Enter your first and last name.

Make your site available to others

> More Actions

> Share Your Site

Select sharing settings

Share all elements

All videos, Docs and Presentations need to be shared.

To assure access beyond the VCM domain

Create a Google e-mail account then return to your site

> Manage site

> Sharing settings

> Add people

Add your Google e-mail account

Focus on "user friendly" navigation

  1. Strive to make everything available in three-clicks or less.
  2. Upload PDFs, attachments, sound samples so that the viewer can see them on-line. Downloading is really annoying. If you must, be sure to label the item with your name and a description.
  3. Keep your site clean and visually balanced.
  4. Sound files can be loaded on to a Keynote slide, labeled, uploaded to your YouTube account, and inserted into your site.