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Active Projects

Summer 2015 Active Projects

The list below reflects the project proposals received over the past two years that have yet to be completed. If you would like to change your topic, simply resubmit the form. If you notice an error on the list, try fixing it directly on the list. If you know that you will not finish in 2015 kindly adjust accordingly. If this doesn't work, drop me a line and I will adjust. If you are not on the list, submit the Project Proposal by September 15. If your name still does not appear on the list, let me know.

This list will be periodically updated. Check in occasionally! Best to all.

Roseanne Rosenthal

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Summer 2014 Active Projects

This is the list of projects that are expected to be finished in the summer of 2014. If you are on the list you should be able to make corrections and track the status of your project. If you have any questions related to content, please e-mail or call me, Roseanne Rosenthal, at rrosenthal@vandercook.edu or 312-788-1152.