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2012 Projects

Abrams    Joan    Writing a Musical for the Elementary Classroom    Krupa
Adderley    Seldin    Bahamian Heroes of The Concert Band    Rosenthal
Alban    Carlos    Challenging Repertoire Made Easy and Musical    Lepper
Allard    Chad    Student Leadership and the Effective Band Director    Larson
Babcock    Eleanor    Comprehensive Musicianship and the UIL PML    Krause
Babey    Jeffrey    Curriculum for a 6th Grade Jazz Band    Kidonakis
Baldwin    Julie    Music Education & the iPad    Rinderer
Barbee    Kara    Band Curriculum for Winton Woods City Schools    Krause
Barnard    Jayme    Repertoire for the Beginning Level Jazz Band    Krause
Batko    Kenneth    The Research and Development of Differentiated Kinesthetic Sight-Singing Skills    Sinclair
Beazley    Matthew    Dalcroze Eurhythmics in Marching Band: A Director's Guide to Improving Physical Coordination    (tbd-Krause?)
Boyd    Todd    Creating a culturally responsive band program - Teaching students in the urban setting    Becker
Brace    Kenton    Marching and Visual Fundamentals: The Key to a Succesful Competative Marching Band    Snoeck
Buhl    Matthew    Fostering Intrinsic Motivation in Students    Larson
Bulak    Ethan    How to Effectively Teach Swing Stlye    Kidonakis
Burkovskiy    Felicia    The Glee Effect:  The Pros and Cons of Singing TV Shows    Sinclair
Bush    Amy    Boys Changing Voice    Martorano
Caperton    Gary    In the Good Old Summer Time    Rosenthal
Carlson    Susan    Mobile Composing 101 for kids and teachers working together    Rinderer
Carrillo    Roberto    Using Rote Songs for Teaching String Technique in the Classroom    Eccles
Cauthorn    Kyle    Incorporating Quality Music Learning and Performance into the Special Education Classroom    Krause
Chenoweth    Chris    Developing and Implementing an Acoustic Guitar Program    Goldberg
Chesner    Matthew    "Building a Healthy Diet for Trumpet Players"    Schuman
Christian    Katherine    A Curriculum for a Differentiated Fourth Grade General Music Room    (tbd-Kabat?)
Clauder    Eric    A Compilation of Quality Repertoire for a Variety of Middle School Band Sizes and Instrumentations    Larson
Coughlin    Kelly    Implementing the Alexander Technique into Band Rehearsal    Clements
Cousino    Danielle    Motivating the Developing Band to Practice: A look at practice methods and the motivation to practice    Krause
Daniel    Sandra    Middle School Pep Band    Kidonakis
DeFrang    Brianne    Assessment in the Elementary General Music Classroom, and How to Apply the RtI Model in Music Education    Wiegers
Diece    GIna    Developing Musicianship in the Middle School Choir: A Workbook to a Successful Choral Experience    Wiegers
Diller    Sean    The High School Violist: An Easy Approach for the Non-String Player    Hall
Duray    Mark        Sinclair
Eckwall    Carol    Musical Concepts Index for K-8 Magazine    Wiegers
Elko    Carrie    Solo Repertoire for Flutists in Beginning Band    Clements
Erickson    Andrew    Integration of Chamber Music to Enhance a Band Program    Rhodes
Erickson    Linnea    Teaching the Elements of Music to Upper Elementary Students Using Ableton Live    Rinderer
Esquivel    Carlos    Building an Effective Private Instruction Program for the High School Band    Lepper
Fields    Emily    A Study of Kindergarten Pitch-Matching    Wiegers
Finn    Jennifer    Rhythm Notation    Lepper
Fogarty    Michael    The Second New England School of Composers    Krupa
Fray    Brita    A Cultural Pearl:  The Music of Qatar    Becker
Freeman    Britney    The Jazz Club: An Introductory Level Storybook of Jazz Fundamentals    Eccles
Goetz    Chad    Choral Character Building - Mentorship and Character Education within high school choir    Sinclair
Greene    Jonathan    The Foundations for Writing a Children's Choir Piece    Krupa
Harvey    Dana    Peer Pressure and its Effect on the General Music Classroom    Wiegers
Hepler    Sally    Teaching Keyboard in the Elementary General Music Classroom    (tbd-Hsieh)
Hiller    Katherine    Differentiated Instruction Through the After-School Music Program    Krause
Himmelspach    Cory    A Middle School Band Curriculum Including the Integration of Music Composition and Poetry    Clements
Hiolski    Tehra    Music and Alzheimer's    Rhodes
Holliday    Darryl    Cross-Curricular Planning in Music Education    Becker
Hopewell-Hatcher    Marva    Utilizing Music Centers in the Music Classroom: Integrating Technology    Korbitz
Janus    Matthwe    Latin rhythm section in a junior high jazz band setting.    Lepper
Jelinek    Laura    Challenges of Teaching Band in an Urban Location:  What Can the Teacher Do?    Krause
Jesse    Thomas    The Show Selector: How to find the right show for your group    Krupa
Johnke    David    Effective Strategies That Motivate High School Band Students to Practice and Boost Musical Achievement    Krause
Johnson    Bryan    Teaching College Gospel Choirs With a Pedagogical Influence    Sinclair
Kalnes    Daniel    Against All Odd - How to build a successful middle school band program when school and community factors are not in your favor    Krause
Kane    Nancy    Week By Week    Krause
Karkania    Areti    Autism & the Effectiveness of Music    Rhodes
Kent    Phil    Methods of Incorporating Alt String Styles into Your Hgh School String Program    Eccles
Koll    Tim    Teaching Listening in a High School Choral Setting    Sinclair
Krzyzaniak    Therese    A multicultural Approach to String Teaching    Eccles
Laur    Julie    Substitute Plans for Elementary General Music: Best Practices    Wiegers
Leonas    Michael    The Beauty of Auxiliary Woodwind Instruments    Campbell
Levias    Kristina    Starting a Jazz Band?  That wasn't part of my training in college.    Krause
Lindgren    Erin    An Interdisciplinary and Multicultural Approach to Music Education: Units of Study for the General Music Classroom    Wiegers
Madrigal    Jaime    Retention and Recruitment     Krause
Manzi    Peter    Working Outline for a High School Percussion Class Curriculum    Lepper
Marshall    Heather    A Curricular Focus: Non-Performance Based Music Classes    Rosenthal
Massi    Frank    Developing Classical Guitar Ensemble Music for the Guitar Class    Goldberg
McDonald    Mallory    Yoga for Band: A Fun and Flexible Way to Prevent Musician-Related Injuries through Enhanced Focus, Posture and Breathing Techniques    Rhodes
McFall    Megan    Common cores in the choral classroom    Sinclair
McHugh    Michael    Instituting a Young Composer's Competition in an Elementary School    Wiegers
Messino    Marion    Creating and transferring knowledge: Using analogies to solidify musical concepts and skills.    Krause
Middleton    Nicholas    The Inclusion of Arab Percussion Music in the Elementary Classroom    Becker
Minkova    Zoya    Implementing Bulgarian Folk Songs and Dances in Elementary General Music Class    Wiegers
Moore    Michael    Teaching Band In Catholic High Schools    Larson
Morgan    Sarah    Incorporating Students’ Personal Music Experiences Into the Classroom    Kidonakis
Niesluchowski    Christopher    Integrating trombone in an already packed curriculum    Larson
Pachniak    Dawn    An Exploration Into Music Learning Methods In Band    Krause
Pelc    Carolyn    Around the World in Eight Compositions: A Study on Implementing International Literature for the High School Clarinetist    Campbell
Pittman    Chantae    Singing in the Middle - Recruitment, Teaching, and Retainment Strategies for Male Middle School Students    Sinclair
Reagan    Lacy    Music in Early Childhood:  A Guide for the First Year Kindermusik Educator    Wiegers
Reardon    Patrick    This Is What We Do Here: A Comprehensive Guide to a Choir Singer's Responsibilities    Sinclair
Rendak    Allan    Arrangement for a younger ensemble    (tbd)
Riddle    Donny        Rosenthal
Rios    Sarah        (tbd-Presutti?)
Roberts    Kathryn    So, You Want to Teach Internationally?    Korbitz
Roder-Manson    Leann    One-year guide to assisting a blind or visually-impaired student in the music classroom    Krause
Rutkelis    Melisa    Help for performance based anxiety    Rhodes
Sager    Stacy    To Match or not to match: That is the Question.  Can Anyone be taught how to match pitch?    Wiegers
Sarvey    Larry    Band is Fun!! Alternative Techniques for Band Rehearsal    Campbell
Senneke    Cindy    Teaching Native American Music in the Elementary Music Classroom    Becker
Shoemaker    Christina    Women in Song: Strategies for Developing the Women's Chorus    Korbitz
Simpson    Rodney Q.    Enhancing Academic And Social Behavior Through Music    Eccles
Simpson    Flora    Bridging  the gap: blending Bahamian folk music and Classical Musi    Wiegers
Soloff    Paula    The Impacts of a Mariachi Program     Rhodes
Stevens    Samantha    Practice Techniques for the Beginning Band Student    Rosenthal
Stone    Jennifer Beth    Repertoire Is The Curriculum: Moving Beyond The Beginning Method Book   Bridging The Gap Between Beginning Method Books and The Study of Quality Repertoire For Middle School Band Students    Larson
Tatina    Tony    Why Did You Give Me a B? Discovering the What, Why and How of Grading    Larson
Thompson    Jonathan    The Causes of Teacher Attrition for Secondary Instrumental Music Teachers    Krause
Torto    Rozalyn    Orchestrating Opportunity: Recruitment and Retention of String Students in  Repressed Socioeconomic Communities    Eccles
Turner    Joshua    Designing a Free Elementary Music Recorder Curriculum    Korbitz
Walker    Anita    “What Warm-ups does Lady Ga Ga Sing!!!!” Engaging Choral Warm-ups Inspired by Pop Music  for the Middle School Chorus    Sinclair
Weihofen    Derek    Incorporating harp into a bowed string program    Eccles
West    Jonathan    Parent Band    Krause
White    Alan    Music Theory Curriculum    Krupa
Wilfong    Glenn    The Lost Art of Cornet Playing    Schuman
Wood    Katy    Training the High School Soprano Voice: A Lecture Recital    Martorano
Wrightson    Brian    Curriculum for Music Technology & Appreciation    Rhodes
Youngs    Janet    Literacy and Leadership: Small Ensembles in the Middle School Band Program    Krause
Zabinski    Carly    Instrumental Teaching Techniques for Students With Hearing Loss    Krause
Zabransky    Jessica    Teaching Intermediate General Music as a Non-Vocalist: A curriculum for limited resources.    Wiegers
Zemlicka    Lauren    Implementing Communication Techniques through the  Development of a School Website and a Facebook Page    Rinderer
Zwirlein    Stacey     Comprehensive, Standards-Based Curriculum and Assessment at the Secondary Level    Larson