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Assure that you are able to receive e-mail sent to your VCM account.  If needed, forward your VCM e-mail to your local home or school account.

September 15

Project proposals are due. Complete the on-line form on the Proposal page. If you are interested in completing a Lecture-Recital you will need to complete an audition and have your project pre-approved by your applied teacher. If you are completing Lecture-Demonstration you do not need to audition but you also need pre-approval from your applied teacher. Only four recitals or demonstrations will be selected to be scheduled during each summer session.

October 15 - 31

Advisors will be finalized and posted to this site on the Active Projects page.  Contact your advisor shortly after this date to discuss your project and plan.  Important: You are responsible for making the first contact with your advisor.  Be prepared to share your project plan with your him or her.

All year

Continue to stay in contact with your advisor, working through the details of your project.

January 15

Review of literature updated. Method finalized.

April 1

Partial draft of the project is due at the discretion of your advisor. Be sure to register for the project, recital or demonstration when you download your graduate registration materials from our website http://www.vandercook.edu/current/graduate.asp

May 1

First draft of the completed project due to your advisor. Arrange for Lecture-Recital or Demonstration dates (contact the Assistant to the President for date availability). Referrals for Writing Tutors may be made based upon this and subsequent drafts.

June 1

Your final draft of the project will be due to your advisor for review and comments sometime in May or early June.

First day of summer school

Final draft due to the reader. Mail or drop off a hard copy to Dr. Roseanne Rosenthal, Room 112.

Six-week summer session

Readers finish reviewing projects. Changes are discussed with the advisor and student.

Saturday, 4th week of summer school

Comprehensive Examination or Portfolio Submission

 5th week of summer school (day tba)

Poster Session. Prepare 50 copies of your abstract. You must be available throughout the session to answer questions and discuss your project. Attendance at the Poster Session is mandatory.

Wednesday, 6th week of summer school

Final copy, printed on white cotton bond paper, signed by your advisor, due by 5:00pm.

Early fall or sooner

Master's Project Collection is made available.